pay-webjtcharge - A company took $39.17 unauthorized from my bank account

Anchorage, Alaska 0 comments

Hello Customer Service,

Please help me.

I was just clarifying with to verify what had transpiredon my bank statement.

I called their phone number (866)812-8679 and it is always busy.

I can never catchup with your customer service to verify a purchase. Please pass my name and phone number on to them and have them call me anytime 24/7.

I just want my money back in my bank account.

The company in question is an adult website that mistaken taken my money I believe.

I have been unable to contact them. The service can identify the adult website by following the cyber trail with my last eight digits of my credit card. Then I can findout which site took the money and then try to retreive my money.

Rick Wride (907)394-1930

P. O. Box 555

Cooper Landing, Alaska 99572

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Saint Louis, Missouri 0 comments

pay-webdjtcharge *** me over.they said the site was free but it wasn't.they just used my card to get jack in the box also.

i would like to press charges against them those *** got me *** up.if that's possible can you tell me how.i had to cancel my card and wait for another one.can you cancell their site at all are they can continue to rip people off like that.

they *** me over and i want pay back cause that's not would they feel if somebody do that to them.that's some bull *** cause they did that never again will i do anything with my credit card on the internet.

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pay-webjtcharge - Where do they think they have the right?

Charlotte, North Carolina 2 comments
Not resolved

My account has been hit by this company several times.I never authorized this.

I went to consumptionjunction and they said it was free but wanted info to verity membership / age. They said it was Free. You can check for yourself. Now I don't know how to get in touch with this company.

I have one charge from pay-webjtcharge and another from Approx $100.00 per month. Does anyone know how to reach these people to stop this and get my money back?

I just can't believe these people are able to sleep at night knowing what they are

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Same thing here.I suggest you do what I did.

Contact your credit card provider and report it. Mine is going to put some of the money back on my card after their fraud team investigates it.

They are also issuing me a new credit card with a different number.That should screw over pay-webjtcharge and

Lujan, Buenos Aires, Argentina #27020

Dear earthtodale,

The same with me here.

They charge me every month for 45 $.

:cry :(

Hope that someone knows an answer?



(the Netherlands)

pay-webjtcharge - They lied and stole from me!

Metairie, Louisiana 0 comments

This awful company did to me the same thing as the other people whose complaints I read.I visited a site that said it was free and that they just needed to verify my age with a credit card #.

I should have known better. These liars took almost 50 bucks from my account! I'm not sure what I can do about it but you can bet I'll never trust anything from them or all access again. It's absolutely disgraceful the way they lie and steal from people.

I will be placing some very angry phone calls to them!

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pay-webjtcharge - I *** pissed

Hazleton, Pennsylvania 19 comments

i went on some web sites today that asked for a credit car # and said there is no charge that this is for making sure its you and the site is free and i check my bank account a couple hours later and there was a few charges 39.95 and 5.00 and a couple for a 1 some here and there and it was from that dam webjtcharge thing them *** iam going to sue for it back i dont care if it is not much they didnt have no right going into my back account thats illegal

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I made them give my money back. These people are ***. They tried to charge my credit card. I just called them up and asked them to remove the charges, which they did. Call webjtcharge at 866.812.8679 and tell them to take the charges off. These people know that what they're doing is illegal so they don't give you much trouble if you fight for your money. If they refuse, tell them that you'll complain to the Consumer Protection Agency.

And make sure that you NEVER, again, NEVER give your credit/debit card number to any website that says it's free and then asks for the number for age verification.

Just call the number and make sure they give your money back.


I signed up for the "free" service and was charged 40 dollars and 5 other fees then was charged by mybank for overdraft i called and asked if they could do anything for me and he said no.

so i hung up and checked if there was anything i could do . someone said they got a refund.

so i called them back and said they *** lied to me and there was somthing they could just keep pushing becuase they know what they are doing is wrong.

Doonside, New South Wales, Australia #26053

I read the terms & conditions FULLY and it did NOT say anything about being bills for ANYTHING.

In fact, it said you will not be billed for this transaction and you will not see a charge on your cc bill, UNLESS you authorize it. I authorized nothing but the initial sign in. I signed up, and instantly I had a charge for $49.47 on my bank statement. (online).

I called them immediately and said I gave my CC info for age verification and it *** charged $49 on my account and I want it off RIGHT NOW.

I asked how they can do that because it clearly states you will not be billed. And she said well the computer sometimes does it on it's own instead of waiting. Waiting? Waiting for what? It didn't even say I would be charged after 30 days or whatever. Those ***.

Bayou La Batre, Alabama, United States #23594

"just keep in mind it's about $40 each time you signup (for free)"

what the *** does that mean, its $40 each time you sign up for free... that is the polar opposite of free

Changzhou, Jiangsu, China #17938

1. It's great marketing to rope in unsuspecting customers. 'Free'

2. If it was easy to identify the terms and conditions it is likely that potential customers will think twice.

3. I observed after being charged the small tick explaining the additional sign up fees. Lets face it who sees it when you are in a relieving state

4. would question why you are charged for downloads... so you pay for amembership that was supposedly free and then get charged again for the download. It's ingenius.

5. I'm glad I got charged because it gave me a dose of reality to avoid the cunning marketing and to simply just rent out at the local DVD store.... lets face its likely to be cheaper than $40/month

Butler, Pennsylvania, United States #17414

40$ is 40$ not 0!. This is a *** scam and a fraud, this is not acceptable. I was charge money too from my account!.

Dexter, New York, United States #14082

I'm french and it did happen the same to me.

I just want to know if they'll charge me a second time or if I'm never go to this site again, they'll stop???

Thanks for answering me and sorry if my english seems bad.

Hallandale Beach, Florida, United States #12643

Webjtcharge--the company did the same to me.It charge me 39.85 and other charge for 1.00.

So i had to cancel my credit card. So they wouldn't be able to charge me again. And i also gave them a call (1-866-812-8679) and raise H*ll with them.

Until they return my money to my account.I'm never ever going to that site again...They are not worth the trouble.....

California City, California, United States #12464

nevermind figured it out, go to their website and it has an option to cancel... you have to know your username and password.... mine was a site that i forgot i even signed up for

California City, California, United States #12463

how do we cancel

California City, California, United States #12462

how do you cancel it

White Salmon, Washington, United States #11213

Does anyone have a number to dispute the charges?I have a JT Webcharge on my account and can't get a hold of anyone to help me.

There is a number listed for it, but it doesn't go through. PLease help!

I don't have 39.85 to dish out to some random scam.If anyone has a number, I would really appreciate it!

Dayton, Texas, United States #9458

if you people would read the terms and conditions, then this wouldn't happen -- it's clearly stated, so quit complaining -- it's not the merchants fault you're too lazy to read everything.

Tipton, Pennsylvania, United States #8448

welcome to my credit card chargebacks and block. enjoy all my *** excrement content.


This whole thing is obviously a scam by JTWebCharge.I called them and the girl got kind of snotty about how it doesn't matter that it is stated as being "free" because somewhere in the Terms and Conditions it says that they can charge you multiple times for multiple reasons.

After arguing with her for several minutes she cancelled the $45 charge.

They do have a one time waive of the charge - you just have to fight for it.

As far as Consumption Junction, you have "free" access to the site, but you just can not click on anything.They do not let you know that you will be charged for every link you follow.

Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania, United States #8339

webjtcharge F/_/Cking sucks... and they probly get sued on a daily basis.

Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, United States #8065

But it wasn't stated that I would be billed. Its stated FREE Lifetime Pass - Credit Card - $0.00. What do you mean by welcome to internet.

Weston, Ohio, United States #7441

The same happend to me, I am quite frustrated about this. And I do not know how to contact webjtcharge? Do you know?

Middlefield, Ohio, United States #7137

We don't bill you unless you select the "free" signup.I apologize you feel this way, but welcome to the internet.

The next time you do the "free" signup on another of our MANY, many sites...just keep in mind it's about $40 each time you signup (for free).Welcome to the internet, now go enjoy all the great content we've provided!

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