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My account has been hit by this company several times.I never authorized this.

I went to consumptionjunction and they said it was free but wanted info to verity membership / age. They said it was Free. You can check for yourself. Now I don't know how to get in touch with this company.

I have one charge from pay-webjtcharge and another from Approx $100.00 per month. Does anyone know how to reach these people to stop this and get my money back?

I just can't believe these people are able to sleep at night knowing what they are

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Same thing here.I suggest you do what I did.

Contact your credit card provider and report it. Mine is going to put some of the money back on my card after their fraud team investigates it.

They are also issuing me a new credit card with a different number.That should screw over pay-webjtcharge and

Lujan, Buenos Aires, Argentina #27020

Dear earthtodale,

The same with me here.

They charge me every month for 45 $.

:cry :(

Hope that someone knows an answer?



(the Netherlands)

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